• Geppetto


Geppetto is Gumstix's online design-to-order service for embedded hardware.

Have ideas you want to push to production quickly? This application is for you.

Not an engineer? No problem!


Slash Design Time

Geppetto’s intuitive, simple drag and drop tool guides users.


Custom Library and 3D Design Preview

Choose from over 100 modules and see your design with accurate dimensions in real world 3D views.


Design and Save Your Work Online

Save your online designs and complete them on your timeline, online, anywhere.


Awesome in-browser 3D

Geppetto enables visualizing and interacting with 3D data in your web browser. Take advantage of out of the box support for point clouds, ball-and-stick models, line segments for large networks or arbitrarly complex meshes.


Extensible widgets based framework

A modular system of widgets allows both experimental and simulated data to be visualized in domain specific ways so that you can always be in control of how to present your data.


Fully indexed and searchable data and models

The data and models loaded inside Geppetto are fully indexed and searchable for you to always find what is most important without big data getting in the way.


Pixel-perfect interface

Geppetto offers a gorgeous minimal and flat interface built using only vector images. Disclaimer: the user centered interface and the attention to details we are pouring into Geppetto will make your experience of going back to any other simulation software truly awkward.


Dynamic visualisation

We know you are used to look at your simulations only via a plot or a static rendered video. In Geppetto the 3D models can be linked to your simulation to add a dynamic visual component to your computational experiments.


Web-based console

Who would want to do a computational experiment using a GUI that doesn't let you script your steps and run every action through command line?

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