• Thingsquare System

Thingsquare System

Thingsquare is a software platform that product makers can use to connect their products with their customers' smartphones. The Thingsquare system uses a unique combination of low-power wireless meshing, Bluetooth® beacons, and an ultra-lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) gateway solution to connect sensors, lights, and other products with their users. The Thingsquare system runs on low-power IEEE 802.15.4 and Sub-1 GHz devices from TI and a back-end which allows product makers to provide secure smartphone access to their users. The back-end can run either on a publicly accessible cloud service or on a hosted server of your choice.

The Thingsquare system offers an extremely lightweight IoT solution, both for gateways and endpoints, enabling the implementation of very low-cost and low-power applications. Thingsquare is based on IPv6 and 6LoWPAN and offers a fully self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh, end-to-end TLS/SSL security, wireless AES128 encryption, and secure OTA firmware updates. iOS and Android are both supported out of the box, along with a REST API for developing your own smartphone apps and for backend integration.

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Thingsquare System

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