WEPTECH WEP-6LoWPAN-IoT-GW Network Interface Card NIC

6LoWPAN IoT Gateway

The 6LoWPAN IoT Gateway from WEPTECH is a wireless interface device that functions as a Border Router for a local 6LoWPAN network, connecting a wireless IPv6 network to servers on the Internet. A NAT64 translator is used to convert between the 6LoWPAN IPv6 sensor network protocol and IPv4 used on the Internet. The on-board transceivers provide the flexibility of wireless operation over 2.4GHz or Sub-1GHz ISM bands.

  • CC2538 32MHz ARM Cortex-M3 core, 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless SoC with 512KB Flash memory, 32KB RAM
  • CC1200 868/915MHz IEEE 802.15.4g wireless transceiver
  • 'Plug and Play' NAT64 or native IPv6 (Bridge Mode)
  • Up to 32 x 6LoWPAN Child Nodes
  • Security: AES and SHA Encryption Engine
  • 10Base-T Ethernet connection via Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller
  • USB 2.0 Virtual COM Port
  • Internal antennas
  • Power supply: +5Vdc via microUSB connector
  • Operating System: Open-Source Contiki (http://www.contiki-os.org/)
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Application: Communication for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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